• A release for a pet from a leash activated remotely with a smartphone.  For home security, and humane treatment of animals.
  • The mobile release is an invention by Scott Gardner allowing pet owners to free their dog from their leash or kennel with a tap on  their smart cell phone.
  • The mobile release has other applications such as releasing an aircraft (airplane) from it
  • A tap on a smartphone can release a pet from a leash, a boat from a dock, or a plane from a tiedown on the tarmac at an airport.
  • Adapted to release boats from the dock, the Mobile Release is an invention by Scott Gardner of East Bethel, MN, just north of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.
  • Mobile smartphone controlled release for horses from ties and stables.
Scott Gardner Design inventor of the Mobile Release, a wireless gate and tie release for pets, boats, and planes that simply releases the tie with a click of your wireless cell smartphone.

Scott Gardner Design presents:

The Mobile Release

A latch that will release gates for pets, and tie downs for boats and planes with a simple tap on your smart phone!

This invention was first conceived as a response to a burglary at my home.  Scott Gardner's  thirty-five plus year history in the aviation industry gave him the knowledge and ability to develop this innovative device.

With developments, adjustments, and the invention of smartphone and Bluetooth technology this release mechanism is now not only compatible for releasing a dog, but as a release for tied down aircraft, docked boats and even horses.

Is your company interested in moving this innovation into production? 

Please contact Scott Gardner at:  651.283.2451

Mobile Release Views (click on image)