Scott Gardner Design inventor of the Mobile Release, a wireless gate and tie release for pets, boats, and planes that simply releases the tie with a click of your wireless cell smartphone.

The Story of the Mobile Release

A 24 Year Story of Invention by Scott Gardner

What started out as a release for a dog evolved into a multi use mobile release invention that releases ties for boats, planes, horses and anything with a simple tap on your smartphone!

The year is 1994, and I'm at work for an airline at Minneapolis International Airport.  I've been working with aircraft for 36 years.  My wife calls.  My manager yells "Scott it's your wife!" (I had to walk to his office because mobile phones did not exist at that time).  I answered the phone and she tells me that our German Shepherd woke her up with his loud barking.  My wife tells me that she peaked out the curtains and could see two burglars breaking into our detached garage.  But, by the time the police got there the burglars were gone.  I spoke with the police but they never caught them.  Many of my garage tools were stolen and my "chained" security dog was wagging his tail and couldn't wait to be unchained, petted and walked.  Unfortunately living in a residential area dogs kept outside are usually chained or in a kennel. So much for the potential security they could provide if locked up in a kennel or chained.

Then I thought... wouldn't it have been good if my wife could have released the dog with a remote?  I called PetSmart and asked, "Have you got a remote to release a dog off his chain?".  Their answer was...."What?".

I started thinking... Maybe I could invent one. Maybe someone has already invented one. I researched to see if somebody had already patented such an invention.

Year was 1995.  I scheduled a meeting with Walt, the patent specialist at the Minneapolis public library.  During our meeting we found 9 patents from 1957-1994.  None were marketable. Then I started thinking about this invention. The big reason why these were not marketable I learned from a police/canine officer. The tether/collar release mechanism must hold with at least 225 lbs. of tension. A straining dog can pull that hard!  In 1996 I had a prototype built, but unfortunately it released with only 100 lbs. of tension. Sad, but I didn’t give up.

Finally after 23 years... in February of 2017 I personally built the 7th prototype.  It can hold 300 lbs. of tension using a single AA battery.  It remotely released 40 times with the battery remaining fully charged. YES!

In the 23 years since, I have found 9 more patents from 1994-2015. Same as earlier. None are marketable.

2002 was an important date for this project. That was the year when Bluetooth was patented.  Bluetooth technology was used to take this invention to the next level and allows the signal to the mobile release to be transmitted from a mobile phone.

The next step was to make the prototype operate using a mobile phone. That's when I was introduced an electronics specialist. The engineered machine/electric designs have been produced.

I then found a patent attorney and filed the application in March 2017 to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). I am now pleased to report I have received a patent.


Remote-Controlled Release Device that will release ties for pets, boats, airplanes, horses and almost anything with a simple tap on your smart phone from anywhere.

Purpose & Benefits

  • Provides a quick and convenient ties and leashes from anywhere.
  • Pairs with an application on a smartphone or other mobile device.

Detailed Description & Features

This innovative product features a small, lightweight, rectangular device that with solenoid technology and a plastic housing.  On the side of the device can be a rechargeable battery, and on the top of the device can be a red light battery indicator.  On the front of the device can be a secure release lock, and on the back of the device can be a metal O-ring. 

- Scott Gardner

Mobile Release Views (click on image)