Mobile Release for Boats

Release Your Boat's tiedown from the Dock with your Smartphone

  • All by yourself, need someone to untie you boat from the dock, the mobile boat release is here!
  • A simple tap on your smartphone
  • Wireless technology make this smartphone app release your boat from the dock.
  • Release the rope and your free to race across the lake in your boat after using the mobile boat release.
  • After using the mobile boat release, just pull in the rope and you

The Story Behind the Mobile Release for Boats...

It was 2017 and I was cruising down the Mississippi in my 23' Wellcraft.  The prop struck a metal item and it ruined the prop and the lower unit vertical drive shaft.  My friend and I along with our wives were sitting in the river with darkness looming.  Finally, another boat happens to come by, offered us help, then ropes and tugs us to a dock.

The lower unit and the prop both had to be replaced. I replaced them as soon as I could in mid-fall, but I really wanted to test my repair because I couldn't imagine my boat sitting in my shop all winter and wondering if my repair would work.

I couldn't find anyone to go with me to the lake so I had to go the lake with this large boat by myself.  I backed it into the lake and took my truck & trailer back to the parking lot.  Got into the boat and fired up the 350 Mercruiser engine.  It's a 1988 engine with a carburetor and it has to warm up for a few minutes.  I then had to get out of the Captain seat, climb 40" up onto the stern, walk 8' to the bow just to untie the rope from the dock. After stowing my rope....back to the captains seat. Shifted to reverse and backed away from the dock. Good thing there wasn't any wind pushing the boat into the shore.

Then I thought about my Mobile Release for Pets!  I could have untied the boat using a mobile phone and not had to get out of the captains seat.  It’s waterproof, it floats, and one person can Release the boat from the dock.

Is your company interested in moving this innovation into production? 

Please contact Scott Gardner at:  651.283.2451

Mobile Release Views (click on image)