Mobile Release for Horses

Release Your Horse with your Smartphone

  • Looking for a quick, easy, and simple method for releasing a horse that doesn
  • A simple tap on your smartphone
  • Wireless technology make this smartphone app release your horse from the stable.
  • Release the rope and your horse is free to graze in the pasture.
  • Horse owners are looking for this device to release their horses via their mobile cell phone.

The Story Behind the Mobile Release for Horses...

One day, a couple of unfortunate vehicle breakdowns led me to meet a neighbor who had 59 acres of land down the road from me.  While helping each other out with our vehicles, "Friday" (his last name) tells me that he's an artist that raises horses.  And I told him about the mobile release invention that I'd been working on for 24 years. He shook his head and brings up horses again. He said that a lot of horses are tied up and how great if would be for the ranchers if they could release their horses with a with a simple tap on their smartphone.

The next day I found the nearest stable.  I met Donna (the owner) and brought up my mobile release to her.  She replies, "Very Nice!  When is it marketed?"  I told her I'm looking to find a licenser to help me get it marketed.

She took me over to the horses told me when we let the horse out of the stall we attach this latch to the halter.  It's called "Horse Quick Release".  Very often it is not that easy to release them, even with the Quick Release.  They jerk their heads, turn away, and it seems everything that they can do to make it difficult to use your thumb and index to operate the quick release. Donna told me any horse stable in the world to be excited to be able to release them with their smartphone.

I went to still more stables and discovered that Donna was right.  Every other stable owner spoke to loved it as well. 

Is your company interested in moving this innovation into production? 

Please contact Scott Gardner at:  651.283.2451

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