Mobile Release for Pets

Release Dogs from a Leash or Kennel with your Smartphone

  • A mobile leash or kennel release activated by a smartphone app.
  • Release the pet from anywhere... in the house, at work, or while your away from your home.
  • Great for letting your pet get exercise or for security reasons.
  • Easy release for both the pet and the owner.
  • Just a tap on your smartphone and your dog is free to run.

The Story Behind the Mobile Release for Dogs...

The year is 1994 and I'm at work for an airline at Minneapolis International Airport.  I've been working with aircraft for 36 years.  My wife calls.  My manager yells "Scott it's your wife!" (I had to walk to his office because mobile phones did not exist at that time).  I answered the phone and she tells me that our German Shepherd woke her up with his loud barking.  She tells me that she peaked out the curtains and could see two burglars breaking into our detached garage.  But, by the time the police got there the burglars were gone.  I spoke with the police but they never caught them.  Many of my garage tools were stolen and my "chained" security dog was wagging his tail and couldn't wait to be unchained/petted & walked.  Unfortunately living in a residential area dogs kept outside are usually chained or in a kennel. So much for the potential security they could provide if locked up in a kennel or chained.

Then I thought... wouldn't it have been good if my wife could have released the dog with a remote?  I called PetSmart and asked, "Have you got a remote to release a dog off his chain?".  Their answer was...."What?".

That’s when I started working on my Remote-Controlled Animal Release Device.  It’s a device that can be secured onto a pet's collar between a leash or kennel door.  You can release any animal with a click on your smartphone from anywhere!

Pet owners are not always home to release their pet from a kennel or leash.  Additionally, homeowners may find themselves in a situation, such as a home invasion, when they want to release their pet immediately.

Using a smartphone app, pet owners can instantly release their pet.

The exact specification may vary upon manufacturing.


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