Mobile Release for Airplanes

Release Your Aircraft's Tie Down with your Smartphone

  • Ready to take off in your airplane or aircraft?
  • A tap on an app on your smartphone can release the tiedown that secured your airplane in place while parked.
  • Wireless and bluetooth technology transmit a signal to release the tiedown from the tarmac.
  • The tiedown is instantly release, freeing the airplane to taxi to the runway.
  • You

The Story Behind the Mobile Release for Airplanes...

Every year, I need to attend an FAA Inspector Seminar to keep my aircraft authorized inspector license current.  At this seminar, they present a series of videos that give examples of aircraft incidents to inspectors.  I've watched these same videos repeatedly, but there is one video that  grabs my attention...

The pilot starts his aircraft. The engine runs faster than what he had intended.  Then the plane starts rolling forward before he can get into the cockpit.  The pilot hangs on to a wing strut which causes the plane to start turning circles.  Holding on with both hands, he tries to control the plane as it spins.  As it spins faster he finds himself suspended in a horizontal position as he hangs on desperately to the aircraft.  After around 10 revolutions, he releases and drops to the tarmac, keeping his head down to prevent being killed by the propellor! The airplane spun 40 more times before the crashing.

After that portion of the meeting, I approached four FAA employees individually.  I brought up that video to them, and talked about my invention and how it might be able to eliminate this type of hazard.  Their replies were....Wow, great, how much does it weigh? What size is it? How much tension can it take? 

Small aircraft are tied down to keep them from being picked up and tossed around by high winds, damaging the airplane as well as other planes and structures around them.

Imagine being able to release these tie-downs with a tap on your smartphone.

The technology utilized by Scott Gardner's mobile release has the ability to do just that.

Is your company interested in moving this innovation into production? 

Please contact Scott Gardner at:  651.283.2451

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