Scott Gardner Design inventor of the Mobile Release, a wireless gate and tie release for pets, boats, and planes that simply releases the tie with a click of your wireless cell smartphone.

Mobile Release

The Market

Here are three related "marketed" devices not selling near quanitity that I believe my Remote Pet Release could sell.  

  1. New Rex Plus II
  2. Power-Up 3.0 Smart Phone Controlled Paper Airplane
  3. Easy Out Remote Pet Door Opener

Here are the items and approximate number of items that can use my device:

89,700,000  dogs with 68,000,000 owners in the USA

15,800,000 boats in the USA

9,500,000 horses in the USA

25,000 tall wheel aircraft in the USA

My preliminary  prototype  weighs less than 5 ounces, with dimensions of 4" x 2" x 1.6", and a capacity of 300 lbs of tension. Tension can be increased or reduced depending on the application it is needed for.

The Bluetooth receives transmission from a mobile phone within a range of 100 yards.  If the transmitter (phone) is far way, it can utilize mobile data to initiate a release signal through the local network in range of the Mobile Release.

Mobile Release Views (click on image)